Congratulations to Allan Friedman featured in the #1 International Bestseller, Cancer: From Tears to Triumph!

06 Mar


Allan Friedman has been inducted into the Bestselling Authors International Organization
for his contribution to the Bestseller, Cancer: From Tears to Triumph
Inspiration from Survivors and Thrivers, Health Care and Support Professionals,
Caregivers and Loved Ones!

Allan Friedman, B.A., B.Ed., is Director of Operations for an international coaching company. An accomplished pianist, he has been involved in Musical Theatre since he was 15 years old, and now enjoys working after hours as Director and Accompanist for Middle and High School productions. 
Allan is also a father of 5, and when not hunched over his iPad, iPhone or piano, he spends a lot of his time as driver, cook, cleaner, ironer, and chief bottle washer. His greatest joy, however, is just hanging out at home with his wife and kids, happily knowing that everyone is together and has everything they need. 
After spending every minute with his son, Michael, who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 16, Allan was compelled to write his story to share what the journey was like from a father‘s perspective, and to search for a measure of peace after this intense experience. 
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