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22 Apr

Razaz Banoun loves to encourage people to use their work and attitude as their main language. Part of her life’s mission is to spread love, peace, consciousness, and gratitude every day, to help people to be more conscious of who they are, and to help them understand how to be happier in each moment and find their balance. She believes that life is found in the depth of each moment.

Where Are You Now? Creating a Life of Meaning and Joy by Discovering Your Balance Zone discusses the importance of in-the-moment living. In the book, Banoun describes the difference between living life as a moment and living life in the moment, and how the latter can help improve one’s life. According to the author, one can improve the quality of their life and turn their dreams into reality simply by being aware and conscious in every moment of life.

A “balance zone” is described as a place of perpetual happiness and possibility. While describing how she found her own balance zone in life, Banoun also provides crucial insight on how readers can accomplish the same. Through her experience with learning the English language and mentoring hundreds of people, she has developed effective tools for finding focus and drive in life. She provides these tools while teaching readers how to create a positive relationship with their own truth and live life with self-appreciation.

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