We have taken over 1,500 authors to Bestseller! Maryann Candito’s Ignite Your Feminine Power will soon be the latest!

17 Jul

Maryann Candito is an Inspirational Speaker, Spirit Mentor and Empowerment coach. She works with women who have a dream and burning desire to make an impact on the world, but who feel stuck on their path. She helps them gain crystal clarity through her training as an Akashic Records Consultant. Maryann also helps break down the blocks and resistance that stand in their way so they can confidently own their feminine power and brilliance, live their dream authentically, and change their world with passion and heart.

Maryann’s new book, Ignite Your Feminine Power: Inspiration to Rise Up and Change the World has been dubbed a “feisty feminist book” and is unlike any other you may have read.  Spiritual, real, raw, and unapologetic, this book pulls no punches. It’s comprised of four sections:

  • The Journey explores our rites of passage, the challenges women face and conquer. Maryann Candito weaves in her own personal stories of growing up in the 1960s and 1970s, then takes you through her 20s, 30s, 40s, and Menopause! Even if you weren’t born a woman, but you identify as a woman, or want to better understand the women in your life, these powerful stories are sure to resonate.
  • Your Spiritual Path illuminates your soul purpose, soul contracts, the role narcissists play on your path to empowerment, and so much more.
  • Heels on the Ground is the feminist rhapsody. It’s enlightening – guaranteed to open your eyes, tick you off, and hopefully, inspire you.
  • Ignite Your Feminine Power. Encounter the Seven Sacred Sisters (archetypes) of the Divine Feminine energy. You’ll discover how to consciously power each one up in balanced and healthy ways, so that you can rise up, confidently step into your power, speak your truth, and transform your world.

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