We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Melinda Kapor’s This Time, Another Place will soon be the latest!

05 Nov

Melinda Kapor is an author, photographer and intercultural consultant. Her work spans many decades and countries, an accumulation of enriching experiences. Melinda believes highly in the power of the present moment, listening to one’s inner voice, and the potential of gratitude. She is a champion at celebrating life’s ever-fleeting moments. She freezes these instances with pictures and expresses them with heartfelt poems that instill emotions in readers, inspiring them to think broader, and live with an open heart and mind.

This Time, Another Place has a simplistic and pure approach to poetry; an expressive form that Melinda says goes hand in hand with photography. She uses her words to create a rich picture full of technicolor and days passed. Or it can be an actual photograph that inspires her creative mind to write a poem that offers an amicable balance between the poignant and the whimsical. In order to capture Melinda’s work in its most authentic form, the book offers a multitude of poems on various topics as well as inspiring photos that Melinda has captured.

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