Congratulations to Charles “Silk” Dunn for his Bestseller, I Will Not Be Denied!

12 Nov

Charles “Silk” Dunn has been inducted into the Bestselling Authors International Organization
for his Bestseller, I Will Not Be Denied: Mastering the Changes.
_BestSellingAuthors International MEMBER

Charles “Silk” Dunn has gone through the lowest of lows in life but never lost his mantra: ‘I will not be denied’. According to the author, a person’s opportunities in life correlate directly with that person’s perception of their own ability. If one can perceive they can succeed, then they are putting themselves on the right path for success. Dunn received a 30-year imprisonment at the age of 23 and knew that he had better things to offer to the world. He did not let the imprisonment define his existence because he was sure of his capabilities. As of today, he has received more than 100 certifications due to his commendable work in the field of education, coaching, public speaking and mental wellness.

I Will Not Be Denied helps readers tap into their innate knowledge and use it to make sustainable changes in all aspects of their personal and professional lives. Carefully breaking down Dunn’s unique techniques into practical chapters, the book provides a complete framework for clarity and fulfillment in life. With the main focus on simplicity, it offers highly valuable information in a manner that it is not only easily understandable but can also be adapted easily to every person’s own unique problems and limitations in life. From faith and spirituality to business and finances, the book encompasses all issues vital to modern day human living.

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