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12 Nov

Vanessa Standard, M.A. is a life coach and a teacher with a strong focus on love and healing in everything she does. With her literary work, she aims to help people develop a clear concept of what love is and how things like healing, body positivity, and growth all correlate with self-love. Dealing with a lot of repressed inner anger and hate earlier in her life, Vanessa only achieved true growth and transformation when she started seeing the world with love. With love, she was able to let go of past traumas and now, she wants to do the same for people across the globe.

Self-Love is Free: Create Harmony Within by Accessing the Love You Already Have Inside offers essential advice on what self-love is and why it’s important. The book helps you understand the omnipresence of love. According to the author, every person holds an innate reservoir of love inside themself. While you may lose the connection with your inner love due to negative life experiences, regaining that access is possible.

Self-Love is Free is a departure from common place notions of self-love in media and pop culture. Instead, it provides a new approach for you to experience love in every aspect of your life in order to heal and grow from past traumas and limiting beliefs. By nature, love is an emotion that grows by reciprocating. When you open your heart and mind to love others, you experience that same love in return. After living an eventful life full of ups and downs, Vanessa has come to the conclusion that the more she loves herself, the more she is able to love others and receive that love back. It all ties into one big circle and that is what this new book aims to teach. Love starts from within yourself and spreads to wherever you may take it.

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