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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Melinda Kapor’s This Time, Another Place will soon be the latest!

Melinda Kapor is an author, photographer and intercultural consultant. Her work spans many decades and countries, an accumulation of enriching experiences. Melinda believes highly in the power of the present moment, listening to one’s inner voice, and the potential of gratitude. She is a champion at celebrating life’s ever-fleeting moments. She freezes these instances with pictures and expresses them with heartfelt poems that instill emotions in readers, inspiring them to think broader, and live with an open heart and mind.

This Time, Another Place has a simplistic and pure approach to poetry; an expressive form that Melinda says goes hand in hand with photography. She uses her words to create a rich picture full of technicolor and days passed. Or it can be an actual photograph that inspires her creative mind to write a poem that offers an amicable balance between the poignant and the whimsical. In order to capture Melinda’s work in its most authentic form, the book offers a multitude of poems on various topics as well as inspiring photos that Melinda has captured.

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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Muz Murray’s YOU ARE THE LIGHT will soon be the latest!

Muz Murray is a mystic, spiritual master and Mantra Yogi who has travelled the world to learn his sacred spiritual arts. With multiple spiritual books and founder of a spiritualized psychotherapy centre in London, Murray is highly proactive about helping others realize the importance of a spiritual living. He has been interviewed several times on BBC TV, along with Dutch and Italian TV networks.

YOU ARE THE LIGHT: Secrets of the Sages Made Simple is a book that holds simplicity as its fundamental virtue, while lucidly explaining the mysteries of our consciousness.This new book provides easily accessible and adaptable methodologies for spiritual enlightenment that people can readily utilize even during their busy day. However, the simplicity of the book does not take away from the reliability of its contents. It helps people renew their perspective on life and start a transformative experience to a new plane of emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Spirituality can be practical and that is what Murray conveys in this book. Ultimately, YOU ARE THE LIGHT helps you overcome stress and depression by giving a person a deeper understanding of the functions of their mind.

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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Margaret Tran’s The ACTIONS will soon be the latest!

Margaret Tran is a life coach and Reiki Master with many career accomplishments to her name. Having received advanced training in a wide array of healing arts, she also uses writing as a tool for self-expression and helping others. She aims to reach a large audience with her unique methods to unlock new opportunities and embrace new adventures in life.

The ACTIONS: 7 Steps to Powerful Change shares 7 key steps to create sustainable success and achieve new results in life. Created by Tran over a long period of time, she has applied these same 7 rules to her own life to achieve success in her professional fields and her personal relationships. From self-acceptance and emotional empowerment to career advice and taking new actions, the book provides concrete advice on many problems and limiting factors that have become a status quo in today’s world. She provides highly adaptive techniques for her readers to start a transformative experience in their lives, reconstruct their priorities, accomplish more and connect with supportive people.

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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Madelyn Blair’s Unlocked will soon be the latest!

Madelyn Blair, PhD, is a successful business owner and executive advisor who is highly proactive about sharing her success secrets with the world. Having worked with high profile organizations such as PwC, European Investment Bank, NSA and World Bank, she is also a coveted author. Her work spans many decades throughout which she has learned the grave importance of embracing the unexpected.

Unlocked: Discover How to Embrace the Unexpected is a treasure trove of practical advice and nuggets of wisdom from the author’s extensive professional life. Providing a new take on the unexpected, the book inspires readers to look forward to new changes in life and gives them the right tools to overcome adversity. Instead of only sharing technical details, Madelyn uses the power of storytelling to help readers gain a real-life perspective on the advice being offered. In addition to providing tools for team building and setting a business vision, she shares profound stories from both her personal family life and her professional life.

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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Crissy Butts’ YOU CHOOSE Your Path will soon be the latest!

Crissy Butts, LMT, is an author of several books and programs to strengthen relationships in the family and the workplace. With valuable insights she has learned from overcoming her own turbulent times, she aims to help readers elevate their happiness, strengthen their relationships, and find greater meaning and purpose in everyday life. She and her husband, Desmon, have been married for 30+ years, have 5 children and 15 grandchildren. Desmon is an airline captain and they reside near Houston, TX.

YOU CHOOSE Your Path! takes you on her family’s intimate and sometimes humorous journey from the frozen Alaskan tundra living in a rustic cabin with 4 young boys and no running water to starting a limo business. Her book reveals from the brinks of divorce, how they rose above adversity and managed to keep their marriage and family intact despite opposition on every front. This new book is a must read for any entrepreneur – man or woman – who struggles to find a sense of balance between their career and family. Brimming with heartfelt stories and soul-touching pictures, the book beckons readers to find joy in the journey. This is a very poignant book that ultimately shares the message that family matters most.

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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Angie Salisbury’s Dogs Still Know Best will soon be the latest!

Angie Salisbury is an international #1 best-selling author, a certified Reiki practitioner and a dedicated dog mom. Based in Ohio, she participates proactively in competitive nose work with her Pointer, Minnie. In her first “Two Dogs” book, Angie shares significant stories about her Pointers with the world to help her readers develop a special bond with an animal in their life.

Dogs Still Know Best shares even more stories of struggle, grief, redemption and happiness that Angie has experienced in her life and how her Pointer dogs have been a key part in helping her survive throughout her journey. In this book, all three of Angie’s Pointers take the center stage as they are true stars of the book. They play a significant part in the magical moments that she has shared.

Through the loving spirit of her dogs, Angie shares how she has been able to start a transformative experience in her life and heal emotionally and spiritually. Angie also shares science-based theories about animal and human communication. Further, she goes into the topics of loss and grief. She shares her own story of losing a pet and provides vital insight for you on how to overcome the loss of a pet and turn grief into a learning opportunity.

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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Hal Price’s The Bear Essentials will soon be the latest!

Hal Price is an award-winning and international best-selling author of 8 books, with this new book being his latest bestseller. Having spent over 40 years in the marketing and branding industry, Hal worked with several Fortune 500 companies and even created his own successful marketing company for professional athletes. In 2014, he began his journey as an author to help people listen to the guidance of their hearts. As a writer of children’s books, he spreads important messages and helps children learn new things with the power of storytelling. His stories are imbued with nuggets of wisdom that are necessary for children to start learning at a young age.
The Bear Essentials is a story that is already helping fathers create special bonds with their children. It has been created specifically for fathers to read to their children as a bedtime story. As Eli Benjamin Bear is worried about his father leaving town, his father shares the “Secret Code of Life” with him. It comes from a special “Bear Essentials” scroll that has been passed down for generations in Eli Benjamin Bear’s family. Through this unique story of love and family wisdom, children learn the value of family relationships and are further motivated to ask meaningful questions. By starting a positive dialogue between children and their fathers, this story can help build trust and put kids on a path for emotional and social awareness.

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