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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! “Be Love: A Conscious Shift to Birthing the Future” Compiled by Viki Winterton will soon be the latest!

Viki Winterton is highly proactive when it comes to leveraging literary talent from across the world and giving deserving authors a platform to share their wisdom. Founder of Expert Insights Publishing, Viki has taken more than 1,700 authors to the bestseller milestone. Having worked with powerful individuals and Fortune 500 companies, Viki is known for her collaborative approach and her business expertise. Being a twenty-three-time #1 International best-selling author and a highly recognized publisher, Viki is always receptive to inspiration, wherever it may come from, and wants to share that inspiration with readers around the world.

Her new anthology compilation, Be Love: A Conscious Shift to Birthing the Future features 17 international best-selling authors who each have their own nuggets of wisdom to share with the world. Offering distinctive insights on how to cope and thrive in the world as we know it currently, while also sharing personal anecdotes of strength and resilience, all the CoAuthors collectively aim to spread the message of love and manifest their wisdom into shaping the future.

Be Love contains a highly diverse group of authors and brings into fruition an immensely valuable tome of knowledge, insights and wisdom that would not have existed otherwise. Being released on International Peace Day 2020, this anthology symbolizes the vision, inspiration and impact that the world needs going forward. Ranging from doctors and coaching facilitators to entrepreneurs, and leaders, all of these authors have their own unique perspective to share with the world. Viki joins these authors to make a conscious effort in manifesting love and positivity into the future of our world!

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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Quantum Activation will soon be the latest!

Amit Goswami, PhD, Carl David Blake,and Gary Stuart wanted to create a book that combines scientific research and principles with innate human spirituality in order to harness the best of human tenacity. Together they take on a ‘multidisciplinary approach’ to teach you how to manifest your thoughts and feelings in the most creative and productive manner possible. Obstacles can be invisible. The knowledge from this book helps you develop a full understanding of your own unique obstacles so you can eliminate them from the root. This process of understanding one’s own variables opens a person’s mind to higher consciousness. With Amit Goswami (the pioneer behind the Quantum Science of Consciousness), all three authors combine their creative talents to offer this knowledge in the most comprehensive manner and create a book that truly packs a punch.

Quantum Activation: Transforming Obstacles Into Opportunities is a breakthrough book that introduces the essential principles of quantum physics to you and how you can utilize them to overcome limiting barriers and live life to the fullest. Quantum physics helps you understand that nothing is happenstance and how everything in the universe connects to create the unique reality of each and every person on the planet. The trio’s new book helps you tap into the higher consciousness that makes accomplishing new goals a possibility for everyone. By tapping into your innate pool of knowledge and manifesting it into conscious decision-making, it becomes easy for you to eliminate your limiting barriers and reach your full potential. The authors help you understand the true meaning behind what most might consider ‘bad luck’. These things can be ancestral patterns’ negative karmic energies that go farther back into a person’s past then initially perceived. Consciousness becomes a possibility when readers utilize the cutting-edge scientific techniques highlighted in this book.

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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Desmon Butts’ Tales From The Cockpit will soon be the latest!

Desmon Butts, having served as a US Marine during Desert Storm, is a gyroplane and commercial airline pilot who has worked in the harshest conditions. From the scalding Arizona desert heat to the edge of the Arctic ocean, Desmon has successfully flown and landed in some of the most unprecedented and highly remote areas in this world. As a young boy, he bought his first car at the age of 11. Then at age 12, he was able to rebuild the car engine. With a knack for repairing and rebuilding machines, his vast aviation career and his success in the industry was evident.

Tales From The Cockpit is a great read for aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike. While taking on a story-telling style, Captain Desmon’s book also provides a lot of information and behind the scenes details that only the most advanced professionals know about. From his experience with gyroplanes and commercial jets to flying First Lady Laura Bush and life-changing mid-flight moments, Desmon shares scrupulous details within his anecdotes, as do his co-authors.

The life of an aviation professional is a constant dichotomy of inspiring moments and times when quick improvisation is needed to conquer a problem and save the day, and this new book captures that sentiment expertly. Captain Desmon hopes his new book gives you and all his readers new information on ‘why the cockpit door is sometimes closed.’

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Dr. Andrea Molberg PhD’s book Emergency Kit for Finding Common Ground is our latest Bestseller!

Doubly trained as both an organizational and counseling psychologist, Dr. Andrea Molberg has spent her career helping people get along and organizations be more effective. As consultant, trainer, and executive coach she has worked with Fortune 500 companies, professional and trade associations, health care organizations, non-profits, start-ups, governmental agencies, and educational institutions for over 35 years. Her executive coaching clients include physicians, police chiefs, executives, and entrepreneurs.

In Emergency Kit for Finding Common Ground, Dr. Molberg explains how and why America is dangerously divided. The hostile chasm between those who don’t want Trump in office and those who would re-elect him is monumental, and she offers field-tested techniques for bridging the divide and helping people disagree without being disagreeable.

Need to heal, hope, and cope during these unprecedented times? This survival guide tells how. Along with answers to “How can Americans be so far apart?!” and “What do Americans as a people have in common?” the book offers ways to communicate with influence and overcome resistance to change during this health/economic/racial crisis.

As Dr. Molberg urges the American public to urgently debate policies and whether to dump Trump, this toolkit provides skills for lowering defensiveness and polarization. For readers of every political persuasion, there are useful tips and specific phrases for respectfully managing differences before, during, and after the 2020 presidential election. Because Dr. Molberg considers Trump’s leadership a threat to our well-being and place on the international stage, inside the overall message of how to repair strained relationships, the author states reasons to vote Trump out of office. This book will be a go-to guidebook now as well as after the next election.

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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Tamara Knox’s Highest Love will soon be the latest!

Tamara (Tamee) Knox, Ph.D, PsyThd., has been proactively mastering several modes of spiritual communication for more than 15 years. Believing in sound and vibrations as key forces of the universe, she leverages these forces to communicate with her spiritual guides and guardian angels who have not only improved her mental health, but also her physical wellbeing. 

Tamara’s new book offers a deep look into autoimmunity and the world of Divinity and sacred energies that you can utilize in order to tap into new possibilities. It gives you the tools to harness support from the higher realms and create a unique energetic blueprint that initiates and sustains health, happiness and success. By embracing Tamara’s teachings, you can tap into your limitless potential, find your light and revel in the relationship that brings you closer  – not only to Spirit  – but also to your own instinctive self.

Highest Love is a comprehensive book that introduces even the most spiritual novices to advanced concepts such as spiritual geometry, breath and sound energies and much more. She shares her totems and  personal anecdotes of spiritual experiences where she was able to escape linear reality and enter an ethereal realm of enhanced consciousness. Tamara’s book nudges you to become open and receptive in starting a conversation with your own innate Spirit.

Giving you the tools to tap into the spiritual realm, Tamara’s book equips you with the knowledge to align your thoughts and beliefs with your dreams, thus developing a new reality full of utmost prosperity and love. She Idescribes ‘Highest Love’ as a new kind of love that puts healing and self-love before anything else, thus inviting completion and wholeness into one’s life.

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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Dr. Cathy Greenberg and Dr. Relly Nadler’s Emotional Brilliance will soon be the latest!

For the past 25 years, Dr. Cathy Greenberg and Dr. Relly Nadler have been teaching Emotional Intelligence (EI) to thousands of executives across Fortune 100 companies, startups, military, elite special forces, federal, state, local governments and hospitals among others. 

With their top ranked podcast “Leadership Development News” on the air for over a decade, they have grown to over four million listeners in more than 45 countries, and so far, they have interviewed over 400 top performers from whom they have gleaned these best practices. They have seen what works and what doesn’t on the battlefield and in the boardroom. They share this wisdom in their newly released book, Emotional Brilliance™.

Emotional Brilliance: Living a Stress Less, Fear Less Life is a personal field guide to help you quickly establish habits to realize your best self during the current worldwide pandemic and for your entire life. These two leadership experts share proven methods for an array of topics, such as: noticing your feelings so your emotional intelligence can steer the way through troubled times, to win bigger than ever before. The book also covers how to apply emotional intelligence in the workplace to vastly improve performance, decision-making, employee retention, successful negotiations, conflict resolution, group dynamics and leadership, and much more!

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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Dr. Birgitte Tan’s Seeking Peace will soon be the latest!

Dr. Birgitte Tan is an author, speaker, and a Certified Grief Specialist & Certified Life Success Consultant. She is also a highly experienced veterinary oncologist. When divorce, cancer, death of loved ones, and financial loss all struck her over the course of just two years, Dr. Tan started a quest toward recovery, including how to deal with emotions in a better way, and to thrive and experience joy again. She found a way, and upon her successful recovery, she pursued additional research and education to develop reliable systems to help others.

Seeking Peace: The Proven 5-Fingers Method to THRIVE Through Change Effortlessly helps you battle adversity with confidence and peace of mind. Dr. Tan has created this highly comprehensive book that carries a universal message and can be utilized by people from all walks of life. The information provided in the book helps you process your emotions with increased poise and grace, creating sustainable progress and propelling you into a realm of new possibilities; a priceless skill to have during these chaotic times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Dr. Douglas M. Brown’s Global Hot Spots will soon be the latest!

Risk management expert and author Dr. Douglas M. Brown has assembled a diverse team of professionals in Global Hot Spots: How Project and Enterprise Risk Management Practices Drive Business Results Around the World. It is the fourth book in his series on the Simmer System (SM), which replaces expensive “transformations” with common sense actions using existing resources to overcome gridlock and organizational resistance. Dr. Brown’s counter-intuitive techniques have helped many high-profile corporations and government agencies in breaking down the barriers that perpetuate poor performance.

Dr. Brown reveals that Global Hot Spots essentially wrote itself after highly experienced professionals from around the world identified so strongly with his earlier risk book (Hot Spots) that they wanted to share their practices too. Brown freely admits that they are all more experienced and better known than himself! The result is an integrated view of how dozens of organizations in seven countries are boosting business success by applying effective risk management.

Dr. Douglas M. Brown has spent over 20 years as an internal manager and consultant integrating the many management practices needed to achieve organizational synchronization. With an extensive background in recovering public sector programs, Dr. Brown has also set up business practices in commercial companies, ranging from medical devices to IT giants. He has learned that real change means shifting the culture voluntarily, which the Simmer System (SM) does by helping managers collaborate on the problems that matter most to them.

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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Denise P. Isaac’s Rhythms of Reality will soon be the latest!

As well as being a Temperament Counselor and a Registered Nurse, Denise P. Isaac became a Minister in 1980, further serving as a Pastor until 2006 when she passed the torch on to her daughter. With several notable degrees in Human Services and Christian Counseling, Denise works as a Christian rights activist and a civil rights activist. The main motto behind everything she does is simple: unity and love among all. Denise is also the founder and an apostle with All That Is God Youth Fellowship and All That Is God International Missions. Both the organizations aim to educate the youth to be kinder while also funding Christian related operations locally and internationally. She is also a songwriter who has performed rap music.

Rhythms of Reality: Discover the Secret to Cultural Harmony uses poetry as a tool for harmony and unity between people of all races, cultures, skin colors, ages and genders. It features thought-provoking and extremely heartfelt poems with an emotional resonance that Denise wrote over a period of time as she went through extraordinary experiences during her work as a pastor and as a civil rights activist. 

Due to the current sociopolitical climate, with a pandemic to boot, people are more divided than ever and need to be reminded of the most visceral thing that they all have in common: their humanity. Denise’s poems are meant to evoke compassion and aim to remind people of the values that matter the most. Sharing anecdotes of her life’s journey along with other important lessons, her poetry transcends all barriers and touches every person no matter where they come from. Her universal approach to writing gives her poetry a cross-cultural relevance and makes it profound for every reader.

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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Steve & Tracy Webster’s The Law of Creation will soon be the latest!

During his time at university, Steve Webster had to drop out of his studies due to financial restraints and start working. While this halted his progress temporarily, he worked effectively to earn his MBA, grew several businesses and became a best-selling author. On the other hand, Tracy Webster faced a tough childhood with her family getting evicted. She studied Quantum Bioenergetics to create wealth and happiness in her own unique way and gracefully rose above past traumas.

The Law of Creation dissects the physics behind the laws of creation. It takes a deep dive into the why and how of the forces of universal creation. Steve and Tracy believe that each individual has an innate pool of knowledge. This inner reservoir can be accessed when one chooses to enlighten themselves and understand the laws that make everything happen. The book highlights 18 key laws and further provides detail on how all these laws are all connected to each other. These laws work cohesively with one another and a deep understanding of these laws can help a person understand how their circumstances are shaped and how they can be changed favorably to find sustainable growth and happiness in all aspects of life.

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