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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! How Big Can You Dream? Compiled by Viki Winterton will soon be the latest!

Best-Selling Publisher Viki Winterton is an author and publisher who has published hundreds of globally successful authors. As a joint venture with the authors she has published, Winterton has now released a best-selling, award-winning dynamic journal that is full of advice and wisdom from 190 authors and is an incredible resource for readers looking for daily support and encouragement to dream their biggest dreams and how to achieve these dreams.

How Big Can You Dream? urges readers to find power and inspiration and courage within themselves to dream their biggest dreams. Then by their determination and follow through, their dreams can and will come to fruition. All advice in this best-selling, cutting-edge journal will ultimately help the readers to DREAM bigger and become more successful in all aspects of their lives!

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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Dr. Rana Al-Falaki’s Women Who Want More will soon be the latest!

Dr. Rana Al-Falaki, MCD, CPC, ELI-MP, is a proactive author and business owner with a practical approach to everything. Her passion is to help people find simple solutions for complex problems. In addition to being a professional life and business mastery coach, a core-energy™ coach and energy leadership index master practitioner, she is also the founder of Light Changes Coaching.

Women Who Want More: How to Create a Balanced & Fulfilled Life is a unique approach to make daily life fun. Dr. Al-Falaki offers practical and effective advice that is geared for women (also can be used by men) to turn the impossible into possible. The book helps readers create positive change in every aspect of their life, ranging from small changes in daily habits to big changes in career and profession. The book offers information on a full spectrum of issues that affect the modern-day human, ranging from health, fitness and diet to career, money and family.

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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Lynne B. Klippel’s Women of Scar Clan: True Stories of Transcendence will soon be the latest!

Lynne B. Klippel is an author, publisher and a highly accomplished woman with a multi-faceted career that spans across six continents. With an aim to help people with the power of books, Lynne’s latest release is full of spirituality and hope.

Her new book, Women of Scar Clan: True Stories of Transcendence shares stories of women who overcame adversity with grace, tenacity and a connection with God. Having personally interviewed women from ages 16 to 94, Lynne took their stories of overcoming adversity and compiled them in this radical new book to help women of all ages, across the globe.

Women of Scar Clan adapts its name from Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ terminology for resilient women. She referred to brave women as her Scar Clan because they overcame great wounds and now the scar remains as proof of their struggle and subsequently, their success. Further exploring that same terminology, Lynne Klippel’s new book shares stories that are true-to-life, harrowing and poignant but also triumphant and full of hope. Whether it is a connection with God or the connection with one’s inner spirituality, Lynne wants to help women from all walks of life develop that bond and use it to overcome even the darkest of times in their lives.

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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Jacek “Skyski” Skrzypczyński’s Expedition to the Peaks of your Dreams will soon be the latest!

Jacek ‘Skyski’ Skrzypczyński is a lifelong adventurer and a leadership coach with international credentials. He has trained CEOs and business executives across several countries, while also working with talented as well as delinquent youth. His ability to reach into people’s subconscious and prepare them for change makes him successful at what he does. As an Alpinist, he has undertaken highly challenging peaks and successfully made it to the summits. Following a near-death accident in the Alps, Jacek had decided that the skills required to climb mountains were needed in all other aspects of his life. This was when he started developing his unique methods that have now helped people across the globe.

In his new book, Expedition to the Peaks of your Dreams: Reach your Goals with Strength, Wisdom and Courage (Discover Your Undefeated Spirit Book 1), Jacek uses his mountaineering expeditions as a metaphor for leading an extraordinary life. Jacek takes the valuable lessons of strength and resilience learned during his adventures and applies them to every other aspect of his life for optimum success and fulfillment. This is not a book with just ordinary information; it is written like a short novel in a refreshingly open way – with an impact on personal confidence that we all need.

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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Annette Son’s No Food For You, Missy will soon be the latest!

Annette Son is an author, life coach, private tutor, and most of all, a Mom. Annette believes in taking care of her family and eating healthy at all times. However, her perspective of what can be considered healthy shifted when she was diagnosed with extreme food sensitivities and allergies. Having consumed dairy, grains, seeds and meat products her entire life, Annette was not aware of her condition until one day her doctor asked her to have a comprehensive food allergy panel done. The results were shocking as they revealed sensitivity to more than 90% of the foods that her diet was comprised of. As a result, her gut health was deteriorating by the day and she had to be put on a highly restrictive elimination diet for at least one year so that her gut would heal and go back to its optimum health.

No Food For You, Missy documents Annette’s journey day-by-day in a diary style and deals with all the intricacies that come courtesy of the elimination diet. Sharing everything including her struggles, the times she gave up or the times where she felt hopeful, Annette provides a completely up close and personal look at how she was able to cope with the arduous task. Even including funny anecdotes from her year-long journey on the elimination diet, the key purpose of the book is to help readers not feel alone. This journey provided Annette with abundant opportunities to gain knowledge in this area, and ultimately gave her the desire to share it and help people in dealing with similar problems. Through Annette’s experience, readers can learn how to integrate restrictive diets into their daily lives, how to find support within friends and family and much more.

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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Laura J. Cornell’s Moon Salutations will soon be the latest!

Laura J. Cornell, PhD. is an award-winning speaker, author and sacred business mentor who helps women align their mind, body and soul to overcome limiting barriers and enter unprecedented levels of success and mental and physical wellbeing. Laura is the founder of Divine Feminine Yoga and provides women with effective tools to recover from past traumas and abuse and to find success in all fields. Having struggled in her early 20s with anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and an eating disorder, Laura forged a path of healing that works for her and other women like her. Her method focuses on Moon Salutations yoga and empowerment practices for both men and women. In addition to many physical benefits, Moon Salutations also help to hone the spiritual self.

Her new book, Moon Salutations: Women’s Journey through Yoga to Healing, Power, and Peace encourages all women to revel in their divine femininity and helps women uplift themselves in all aspects of life and considerably improve their life quality. This is a highly comprehensive book in an easily adaptable format. It moves from simple poses to complex ones, offering detailed instructions along with modifications based on health restrictions, menstruation and menopause, etc. In addition to guided yoga poses, the book tells the hidden HERstory of yoga and includes heartfelt poems and meditations to nurture the soul.

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We have taken over 1,700 authors to Bestseller! Melinda Kapor’s This Time, Another Place will soon be the latest!

Melinda Kapor is an author, photographer and intercultural consultant. Her work spans many decades and countries, an accumulation of enriching experiences. Melinda believes highly in the power of the present moment, listening to one’s inner voice, and the potential of gratitude. She is a champion at celebrating life’s ever-fleeting moments. She freezes these instances with pictures and expresses them with heartfelt poems that instill emotions in readers, inspiring them to think broader, and live with an open heart and mind.

This Time, Another Place has a simplistic and pure approach to poetry; an expressive form that Melinda says goes hand in hand with photography. She uses her words to create a rich picture full of technicolor and days passed. Or it can be an actual photograph that inspires her creative mind to write a poem that offers an amicable balance between the poignant and the whimsical. In order to capture Melinda’s work in its most authentic form, the book offers a multitude of poems on various topics as well as inspiring photos that Melinda has captured.

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