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Congratulations to Hal Price for his #1 International Bestseller, The Bear Essentials!

Hal Price has been inducted into the Bestselling Authors International Organization
for his #1 International Bestseller, The Bear Essentials (Eli Bear Stories Book 1).
_BestSellingAuthors International MEMBER

Hal Price is an award-winning and international best-selling author of 8 books, with this new book being his latest bestseller. Having spent over 40 years in the marketing and branding industry, Hal worked with several Fortune 500 companies and even created his own successful marketing company for professional athletes. In 2014, he began his journey as an author to help people listen to the guidance of their hearts. As a writer of children’s books, he spreads important messages and helps children learn new things with the power of storytelling. His stories are imbued with nuggets of wisdom that are necessary for children to start learning at a young age.
The Bear Essentials is a story that is already helping fathers create special bonds with their children. It has been created specifically for fathers to read to their children as a bedtime story. As Eli Benjamin Bear is worried about his father leaving town, his father shares the “Secret Code of Life” with him. It comes from a special “Bear Essentials” scroll that has been passed down for generations in Eli Benjamin Bear’s family. Through this unique story of love and family wisdom, children learn the value of family relationships and are further motivated to ask meaningful questions. By starting a positive dialogue between children and their fathers, this story can help build trust and put kids on a path for emotional and social awareness.

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