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We have taken over 1,200 authors to Bestseller! Tracy De Geer’s Sustainable Wellbeing will soon be the latest!

With qualifications including a Health Science degree, Tracy De Geer has spent a large portion of her life dedicated to the cause of holistic wellbeing, over 40 years to be precise. Having worked in many clinical settings, she also successfully ran an integrated health and medical center in Sydney where she worked with and looked after patients in many different stages of wellbeing. Being able to analyze, learn and grow from her experiences has enabled her to develop a cutting-edge and effective approach towards holistic wellbeing that has been documented in Sustainable Wellbeing.

In Sustainable Wellbeing, Tracy shares her insightful strategies on how to harmonize the body, mind and spirit in order to find true holistic wellbeing. According to Tracy, one does not need to have a disease in order to focus on their wellbeing and the potential for being well resides within every single person. The purpose of the book is to help readers find the true meaning of wellbeing and attaining it by using the resources available within the human mind, body and spirit.

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