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Congratulations to Russell K. Lanier for his #1 International Bestseller, Waiting to Die, Longing to Love!


Russell K. Lanier has been inducted into the Bestselling Authors International
Organization for his bestseller, Waiting to Die, Longing to Love.

Russell K. Lanier is an award-winning, university-educated television news producer. Russell was among the best in his profession garnering top ratings with nearly every show he wrote and produced during his twenty years on the frontlines of broadcast news. He even created a sports feature that later won the reporter assigned to the seasonal project an Emmy Award.

Along the way, Lanier also developed a journalistic savvy about writing crime stories that intrigued his colleagues — he seemed to have an insider’s knowledge about street crime. But it was his secret, double-life that finally caught up with him and kept him from ascending the ladder to big-market success. While engaging in his passion of gathering the news, Russell became the news.

He uses the same hard-hitting news writing style in his book, Waiting To Die, Longing To Love, that won him top billing in his profession. You will read how he finally finds victory when he comes face-to-face with his demon, addiction, in his sixth trip to rehab. He courageously tells the obscene truth about substance abuse.

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