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We have taken over 1,200 authors to Bestseller! Tracy De Geer’s Sustainable Wellbeing will soon be the latest!

With qualifications including a Health Science degree, Tracy De Geer has spent a large portion of her life dedicated to the cause of holistic wellbeing, over 40 years to be precise. Having worked in many clinical settings, she also successfully ran an integrated health and medical center in Sydney where she worked with and looked after patients in many different stages of wellbeing. Being able to analyze, learn and grow from her experiences has enabled her to develop a cutting-edge and effective approach towards holistic wellbeing that has been documented in Sustainable Wellbeing.

In Sustainable Wellbeing, Tracy shares her insightful strategies on how to harmonize the body, mind and spirit in order to find true holistic wellbeing. According to Tracy, one does not need to have a disease in order to focus on their wellbeing and the potential for being well resides within every single person. The purpose of the book is to help readers find the true meaning of wellbeing and attaining it by using the resources available within the human mind, body and spirit.

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Russell Lanier is featured in newly released issue of PUBLISHED! magazine

The highly anticipated, 200-page latest issue of PUBLISHED! magazine 
featuring Russell Lanier has been released.

To have first access to this treasured resource, go to:

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Congratulations to Amrita Grace for her #1 Bestseller, Reclaiming Aphrodite!

Amrita Grace has been inducted into the Bestselling Authors International Organization
for her #1 Bestseller, Reclaiming Aphrodite: The Journey to Sexual Wholeness.
_BestSellingAuthors International MEMBER

Amrita Grace has been fiercely committed to guiding spirit-led women into their authentic, embodied personal power since 2000, inspiring them to live the fulfilled and abundant lives they dream of. Co-founder of The Sacred Feminine® Mystery School, Amrita is an accomplished facilitator of Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing-AH™ workshops, retreats, and teacher certification trainings for women.

She’s a contributor to My Big Idea Book, a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator, an Ordained High Priestess and Shamanic Minister, a Shamanic Breathwork® Facilitator, and a Licensed Art of Feminine Presence® Teacher.

Amrita brings her background in sacred ceremony, dance, and conscious communication along with her unbridled enthusiasm for living a vibrant, authentic, magical life to everything she does.

We have taken over 1,200 Authors to Bestseller! Will you be next?

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Congratulations to Juracy Johnson for her #1 International Bestseller, La Presencia Femenina de la Mujer Profesionista!

Juracy Johnson has been inducted into the Bestselling Authors International Organization
for her bestseller, La Presencia Femenina de la Mujer Profesionista:
Una Guía para tu Éxito Profesional en el Trabajo
_BestSellingAuthors International MEMBER

Juracy Johnson is a best-selling author and an expert in business coaching, holistic coaching and NLP. Hailing from Mexico, she is a national and international workshop leader who has led numerous successful workshops across Mexico and Latin America.

Having always aimed for self-growth, coaching and NLP have become her main career areas. After battling and successfully overcoming cancer in 1993, she became even more geared towards personal development and refuses to be held back by any limiting factor.

Having learned many valuable lessons during her vast professional life, Juracy now wants to share this vital knowledge with young Mexican and Latin American professional women. In addition to her coaching, her workshops and the conferences she attends around the world, she is also a professor at the State’s University. Johnson’s qualifications include an MSc in seismology.

We have taken over 1,200 Authors to Bestseller! Will you be next?

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Congratulations to Neil McClure for his Bestseller, Observations of Life~One Line at a Time!

Neil McClure has been inducted into the Bestselling Authors International Organization
for his bestseller, Observations of Life ~ One Line at a Time:
Soon-to-Be-Famous Quotes From a Not-So Famous Person
._BestSellingAuthors International MEMBER

With degrees in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Physics and a Master of Science in Systems Management, Neil McClure has a vast and expansive professional repertoire. He is also a successful entrepreneur with more than 20 patents under his name for the products he has developed, where his most successful invention was an electronic voting system that was responsible for collecting more than 15 million votes in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Having developed his writing skills in the technical realm of infinite detail, he has applied these abilities to the world at large with an eye on humanity. Observations of Life is an extension of McClure’s many technical literary endeavors.

We have taken over 1,200 Authors to Bestseller! Will you be next?

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We have taken over 1,200 authors to Bestseller! Pip McKay’s 4 Tribes One Earth will soon be the latest!

Pip McKay has now authored a new book to help people overcome boundaries by improving their communication skills. This book aims to help readers overcome communication problems to find compassion and strength in all walks of life. McKay has utilized a parable to teach the readers about how differences between people can often just be miscommunications, and they can be overcome easily.

4 Tribes 1 Earth: A Parable of Communication and Love is based on a love story developing between two diverse characters. As the two characters overcome their boundaries and limiting traits to find love in each other, the readers learn a valuable lesson of compassion and understanding.

The title of the book is derived from the 4 common human communication behaviors that McKay identifies in the book. Through her characters, she shares how to identify and hone these behaviors in order to have better interactions, to learn from other people, to find strength in differences and to evolve and grow from it.

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We have taken over 1,200 authors to Bestseller! Kelly Resendez’s Big Voices will soon be the latest!

Kelly Resendez has spent over 15 years learning about self-growth and personal development from the world’s most renowned teachers. Empowering hundreds of women through her public speaking, she has now authored Big Voices to spread her knowledge and resources to a larger demographic.

Big Voices invites women to step out of their comfort zone, realize their self-worth and accomplish extraordinary things. According to the author, women often self-sabotage themselves because they have limited energy and feel overwhelmed. To empower her readers, she shares the strategies and tools she has used in her extensive personal and professional journey to find success. By helping readers identify their ‘Little Voice’, she helps them discover and embrace their ‘Big Voice’.

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